Yamaha T60LB 2019 $9,300.00 CAD

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$9,300.00 CAD
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Hi Thrust, Long Shaft, Electric Start, Tiller Handle 2019 Yamaha Marine 60 Thrust 4-Stroke T60LB Harness the power! T60 engine of Yamaha High Thrust Series offers an even higher torque to move large marine crafts. The ideal engine to propel heavy loads such as: sailing boats, utility boats or small pontoons. If you thirst for raw power and are looking for flawless manoeuvrability, our Yamaha “high thrust” models are just what you are looking for. Perfect for boating, fishing and recreation, these ultra-powerful engines place the performance bar high, while reducing noise, vibration and maximizing fuel economy. The Yamaha T60 engine also features exclusive Yamaha characteristics to simplify their use, for your comfort and pleasure. These characteristics include the TCI Ignition that offers easy starting and reliability whatever the conditions, the automatic choke PrimeStart ™ that allows the engine to start as effortlessly as a car and the Power Trim & Tilt system which offers a wide range of angle adjustments providing better performance. And for complete peace of mind, your motor is protected by the Y-COP system (Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection), which immobilizes your outboard motor with the push of a button. The “High Thrust” series engines are like powerful workhorses - designed never to let you down. MORE REVERSE THRUST Our unique dual-thrust propellers are designed to redirect the exhaust flow away, thereby reducing cavitation. This feature provides up to 60% more thrust in reverse. OPTIMAL FUEL/AIR MIX Multi-port precision electronic fuel injection on the T60 delivers the optimal fuel/air mix to each cylinder. VARIABLE TROLLING SYSTEM The tiller handle models come standard with Yamaha's Variable Trolling Speed feature, allowing the operator to stay on the fish by selecting the preferred rpm (in 50 rpm increments) within a range of 620-900 rpm! HIGH AND DRY A top-mounted flywheel keeps sensitive electrical components out of the water. OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE An ECM (Engine Control Module) adjusts timing to maintain optimum engine performance, economy and reliability in all conditions. Features may include: Special gear ratios for higher thrust Dual-Thrust prop – high-thrust in Forward/Reverse Yamaha immobiliser security (YCOP) Yamaha Digital Network system Wide Range Power Trim & Tilt TCI Ignition High-output alternator Shallow Water Drive for cruising close inshore PrimeStart™ system for easy starting Fresh water flushing system
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