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$9,241.00 CAD

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F50 LB MSRP 9016;ask for package price with boat Yamaha Marine F50 CONQUER WATER When you want a versatile motor that's perfect for a wide range of family uses, the F50 is a great choice. It's efficient, reliable, and incredibly clean-burning, exceeding emissions standards. PRECISE TROLLING CONTROL Adjust trolling speeds in 50-rpm increments simply by pushing a button on the optional Command Link tachometer or the VTS? switch on the optional multifunction tiller handle. RESPONSIVE POWER The overhead camshaft design efficiently exchanges intake and exhaust gases for responsive power and fuel efficiency. SINGLE THROTTLE VALVE Air entering the engine block is routed through a single throttle valve, to ensure the precise amount of air necessary for optimum power and fuel efficiency. It then enters each cylinder through individual long intake tracks, which are ?pulse tuned? to provide air at the precise volume and timing for maximum density and power. Features may include: OPTIMAL FUEL/AIR MIX Multi-port precision electronic fuel injection on the F90 delivers the optimal fuel/air mix to each cylinder. VARIABLE TROLLING SYSTEM The tiller handle models come standard with Yamaha's Variable Trolling Speed feature, allowing the operator to stay on the fish by selecting the preferred rpm (in 50 rpm increments) within a range of 620-900 rpm! HIGH AND DRY A top-mounted flywheel keeps sensitive electrical components out of the water. OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE An ECM (Engine Control Module) adjusts timing to maintain optimum engine performance, economy and reliability in all conditions. MULTI-FUNCTION TILLER HANDLE Available on F30 through F60, and optional on F75 through F115, the multi-function tiller handle gives you fingertip control of starting, shifting, steering and throttle.
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Price:$9,241.00 CAD
Location:Havelock, Ontario
Distance:373 miles from Ashburn, VA [Change]
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Location:Havelock, Ontario
Distance:373 miles from Ashburn, VA