Mercury 9.9MH 4S 2017

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Start Easy

Incredibly responsive to get you going with little or no prep.

  • Engine type Inline 2
  • Full throttle RPM 5000-6000
  • Steering Remote, Tiller
  • Dry weight *Lightest model available 84 lbs / 38 kg

The specifications displayed here may not be indicative of the entire engine family; click on the “See All Models and Specs” link to view the specs in detail.


More Thrust.

More Thrust.

Mercury® ProKicker outboards feature a deeper gearcase and a four-blade, high-thrust propeller with matching gear ratio – the perfect setup for trolling and precise control in all conditions. The ProKicker gearcase is engineered to be rugged and durable, with robust gears and bearings and a heavy-duty skeg that’s 55% thicker and twice as strong side-to-side as the previous gearcase.

Enhanced Features.

Enhanced Features.

The Mercury 8 and 9.9hp FourStroke outboards include:

  • New three-position choke and no primer button improve starting, simplify the starting procedure and allow the engine to warm up faster
  • A richer idle air / fuel mix makes the engine easier to start and provides better idle running quality (tiller handle models)
  • A change to the ignition timing allows fishermen to find and hold optimal troll speed

Power Tilt.

Power Tilt.

The fastest power tilt in the industry drops a Mercury 9.9 - 15hp ProKicker FourStroke outboard into the water in just five seconds. Exclusive kicker-centering straps align and secure the outboard in full tilt-up position while you’re underway.

Command Thrust

Command Thrust

Big-time power. With a longer design and bigger components, Mercury Command Thrust was made specifically to deliver the type of power, thrust and control that wider, heavier boats demand.

The Command Thrust Difference (Blue shaded areas represent prop and gearcase advantages)

  • 20% larger prop increases control especially at low speeds.
  • Taller gearcase puts the prop deeper, below turbulent water, for improved performance.
  • A low 2.42:1 gear ratio delivers thrust and maneuveraility that big loads demand.
  • Oversized Antiventilation Plate. Oversized design prevents air from being drawn into the prop, which increases efficiency.

Power in the Palm of Your Hand.

Power in the Palm of Your Hand.

Tiller models feature the exclusive Mercury multifunction tiller that puts

  • shifting
  • throttle control (with improved slow-speed throttle advance for optimal trolling)
  • stopping
  • tilting
  • steering

in the palm of your hand.



At only 83 pounds, these engines are very portable and improve the performance of lightweight boats.

Convenient and Easy Tilting.

Convenient and Easy Tilting.

Push down on the tiller handle to easily tilt the outboard to any position, made easy with our exclusive ratcheting transom bracket.

Start Easily, Idle Smoothly.

Start Easily, Idle Smoothly.

Mercury 8hp to 20hp FourStroke outboards have features that make starting easier, warm-ups faster and idling smoother!

  • The fuel filter on 8hp to 20hp Mercury FourStrokes has been moved to keep the carburetor cleaner
  • Tiller handle models have a richer air/fuel mix at idle
  • They also come standard with a three-position choke, eliminating the need for a primer button


FourStroke: 8-9.9 hp

  •  9.9 hp
    HP / kW
    • 9.9 / 7.3
    Engine type
    • Inline 2
    Displacement (CID/CC)
    • 12.8 / 208
    Full throttle RPM
    • 5000-6000
    Fuel induction system
    • 2 valves per cylinder, single overhead cam (SOHC)
    Alternator amp / Watt
    • 6 amp / 76 watt
    Recommended fuel
    • 87% octane / up to 10% ethanol
    Recommended oil
    • Mercury FourStroke Oil 10W-30
    Engine protection operator warning system
    • Low oil pressure
    • Over-rev
    • Electric
    • Manual
    • Remote
    • Tiller
    Shaft length
    • 15" / 381 mm
    • 20" / 508 mm
    Gearcase ratio
    • 2.08:1
    Dry weight *Lightest model available
    • 84 lbs / 38 kg
    CARB star rating
    • 3
    Bore and stroke
    • 2.16 x 1.73" / 55 x 44 mm
    • CDI w/electronic spark advance
    Fuel system
    • Carbureted
    Cooling system
    • Water-cooled with thermostat
    Gear shift
    • F-N-R
    Gearcase options
    • Standard
    Trim positions
    • Ratcheting
    Exhaust system
    • Through prop
    Shallow water drive
    • Yes
    Shallow water trim range (degrees)
    • 16
    Remote fuel tank standard (gal / L)
    • 3.2 / 12
    • Phantom Black
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