Mercury SeaPro™ FourStroke 60 HP 2018

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Tiller handle model in stock 2018 Mercury Marine® SeaPro™ FourStroke 60 HP Continuing the legacy. Offers increased durability and easy maintenance for commercial use. Features may include: SeaPro Engines Continue to lead the way in the Commercial Market. Mercury Marine, and one of its key dealers in Oaxaca, Mexio, Suministros Marinos de Oaxaca SA de CV, worked together to promote the benefits of Mercury’s FourStroke SeaPro outboard engine. The initiative was created to work with various fishing communities and tourism bureaus in the area to promote the benefits of Mercury’s commercial engine line. One of the main areas of focus was the Huave zone, a fishing community that has long favored competitor engines over Mercury. Engineered for Commercial. Engineered to deliver longer engine life while maintaining the power and performance necessary to get the job done, the 60 and 40hp SeaPro FourStroke engines are validated to three times the engine life of a recreational engine. Heavy-Duty Improvements. Engine improvements on the 60 and 40hp SeaPro FourStroke engines will deliver extended life and reliability in harsh, high-hour commercial applications. Command Thrust Gearcase. The 60 and 40hp SeaPro FourStroke engines come standard with the Command Thrust gearcase. Its larger torpedo, combined with a bigger-diameter prop, can lift a heavy boat onto plane more easily and hold it there at lower speeds without impacting top speed. Corrosion Resistance. Mercury’s proprietary formula – XK360, is an extremely low copper content aluminium alloy, which leads the industry in corrosion resistance. This makes costly corrosion failures and high labour bills a thing of the past. Most competitors use alloys with 2% to 4% copper content which will corrode faster than our MercAlloy, XK360 or A356 alloys Repower with SeaPro. The compact size also means older boats that were not initially designed for the weight of heavier four-strokes can now be repowered and reborn to perform at their best with the latest technology. Easy maintenance. A pictorial maintenance decal and owner’s manual supplement for the 60 and 40hp SeaPro FourStroke engines make simple service and maintenance even easier by providing step-by-step instructions. Easy to Gauge. Accurate digital information is presented in a clean, easy-to-read gauge for instant, reliable information at a glance. Combined with additional sensors, Mercury’s standard gauges are powerful tools to provide safety and comfort while on the water. Fuel Savings. 40 & 60hp SeaPro FourStroke engines can deliver up to 30% fuel savings and 90% lower emissions than current conventional 2-stroke engines that are used in commercial markets today. That adds up to less money spent on gas and more money in your pocket.
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